Gothiques & Fantastiques – horror and fantasy tales by R J Dent

February 22, 2014

Gothiques & Fantastiques – a collection of horror and fantasy stories by R J Dent is now available in e-book format.

G & F - RJD

Gothiques & Fantastiques collects together many of R J Dent’s terrifying short stories, including the much-anthologised ‘The Day Mr. Green Died’, the paranoia-laden, ‘Escape’, and the bleak, nihilistic fantasy tale, ‘Relativity and the Lobster’.


First in a series of story collections by R J Dent, Gothiques & Fantastiques is essential reading for every horror, fantasy and gothic aficionado.


Other books by R J Dent, including his horror/fantasy novel, Myth, and his translation of Lautréamont’s The Songs of Maldoror and Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil, are available from:










Gothiques & Fantastiques – horror and fantasy tales

by R J Dent








BookBuster Launch Event – Hastings, Saturday 30th November 2013 – 12-7pm

November 17, 2013


Saturday, November 30, 2013 – 12:00pm until 7:00pm

To mark the official opening of BookBuster bookshop in Queen’s Road, Hastings, proprietor Tim Barton is hosting an event-filled launch on Saturday, November 30th, from 12 noon – 7pm.




R J Dent’s novel, Myth, now in ebook format

October 13, 2013



R J Dent’s horror/fantasy novel Myth is now available in e-book format and can be downloaded onto your Kindle for £2.05 (for a limited time).


It’s just a myth…

The Greek island is beautiful and the holiday idyllic… until James Barratt and his girlfriend Penny Ward are told about the chimera, a savage creature that should only exist in Greek mythology, but somehow is still alive in the foothills of the island.

It’s just a myth…

Sceptical, but curious, they set off for the hills, where they come face to face with a monstrous secret and find themselves in a desperate fight for survival against an enemy of inconceivable ferocity – an unholy trinity with multiple hearts of darkness that will not stop until they are both destroyed.

It’s just a myth… but they’ve forgotten that every myth is based on a terrible truth.


‘a cross between An American Werewolf in London and Clive Barker’s Nightbreed…’ (Amazon review)


R J Dent’s Myth is a dark horror/fantasy novel, set on a Greek island. It tells the story of a holidaying couple who hear about the chimera, a strange mythical creature that lives in the hills. They set off with a guide up into the hills to see the chimera for themselves – and the nightmare starts…

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R J Dent at the Books Born in Hastings Book Fair – 10.30am-3pm on Saturday 12th October 2013

September 15, 2013



R J Dent at the Books Born in Hastings Book Fair – from 10.30am-3pm in Hastings Town Hall on Saturday 12th October 2013




R J Dent will be available to answer questions and to discuss and sign books at the Books Born in Hastings Book Fair at 10.30am-3pm on Saturday 12th October 2013…


R J Dent is a poet, novelist, translator, essayist, researcher and creative writing teacher. His latest book is a translation of the ancient Greek poems and fragments of Alcaeus.

He has also translated Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil and Lautreamont’s The Songs of Maldoror into English.



R J Dent is the author of a novel, Myth:


and a novella, Deliverance:


R J Dent has also published Moonstone Silhouettes, a collection of poems:



R J Dent’s official website is:

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Alcaeus in Pompeii

August 3, 2013


Two signed and dated copies of the Poems & Fragments of Alcaeus (Translated by R J Dent) are now available in the bookshop at the historic site of Pompeii in Italy.


R J Dent visited the historic site in July 2013 and signed copies of Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments for customers in the bookshop.



According to staff, only two of the signed copies are still available.



R J Dent visited Pompeii bookshop during part of his Italian tour, which included Sorrento, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius, and Naples.

More information on R J Dent’s bookshop signings, book tours, publications and current projects is available at

Alcaeus in Santorini

February 11, 2013

Alcaeus front cover Atlantis Books, Santorini

Alcaeus back cover Atlantis Books, Santorini

Copies of the Poems & Fragments of Alcaeus, translated into English by the poet and novelist R J Dent, and published by Circaidy Gregory Press, are now available to buy from Atlantis Books in Santorini.

Atlantis_books 3

Atlantis Books is a truly amazing bookshop. It’s on the Main Marble Road in Oia, Santorini.

main marble road oia santorini

Inside, Atlantis Books is a bilbiophile’s treasure-trove.


Alcaeus’s Poems & Fragments has managed to make its way across the world and onto a shelf of Greek poetry in Atlantis Books. It’s almost as though Alcaeus has gone home.

Alcaeus and other Greeks, Atlantis Books, Santorini

Alcaeus introduction, Atlantis Books, Santorini

Here’s Alcaeus alongside Philip Sherrard, Dionysios Solōmos, Arthur Machen, and other distinguished Greek and Anglo-Greek authors and scholars.

Alcaeus, Philip Sherrard, Dionysios Solōmos, Arthur Machen - Atlantis Books, Santorini

Atlantis Books in Oia, Santorini, is one of the bibliophile wonders of the world. There is no other bookshop quite like it.


It’s fitting that Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments is now available to lovers of Greek poetry and Greek literature – on a Greek island as beautiful as Santorini, and in a bookshop as unique as Atlantis Books.


Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments, translated into English by R J Dent.

Circaidy Gregory Press, Hastings, Sussex, UK.

Atlantis Books, Main Marble Road, Oia, Santorini. Cyclades, Greece.

R J Dent.

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The Next Big Thing Interview with R J Dent

December 14, 2012


The Next Big Thing, for those who don’t yet know, is a way to network with fellow writers and to find out a bit more about what they’re working on. The idea is fairly simple. The writer answers a set of questions on his or her blog one week, and then invites five other authors to answer the same questions the following week. They in turn invite five more.

R J Dent is a poet, novelist, translator, essayist, short story writer, blogger, researcher and creative writing tutor. His published works include a novel, Myth; translations of Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil & Artificial Paradise; of Le Comte de Lautréamont’s The Songs of Maldoror; of Alcaeus’s Poems & Fragments; a Gothic novella, Deliverance; a poetry collection, Moonstone Silhouettes, and various stories, articles, essays, poems, etc, in a wide range of magazines, periodicals and journals, including Orbis, Philosophy Now, Acumen and Writer’s Muse.

R J Dent was invited to take part in this by Catherine Edmunds.

What is the title of your new book?

Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments

How did you choose the title?

It’s a fairly functional title – it tells you exactly what it is without any frills. I could have had something more poetic, such as Wine and Exile: The Poems & Fragments of Alcaeus, but I was after immediate clarity. It’s certainly very clear what the book is; it’s Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments, Translated into English by R J Dent.

Location: The narrator of the poems lives (for the most part) on the Island of Lesbos (Mytilene) in the Aegean Sea.

Character and theme: There is a whole cast of characters, from the tyrant Pittacus, to the Lesbian hermit, Omnocales. The poems deal with all of the major themes, from love, politics, exile, wine, to the beauty of Greece.

Where did the idea for the book come from?

Although I wear a lot of literary hats, I’m primarily a novelist, a poet and a translator. I’ve translated several French classics: Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil, and Le Comte de Lautreamont’s The Songs of Maldoror, and I wanted my next translation to be something from the classical era.

Once I found out that Alcaeus was considered to be as good a poet as his friend and rival, Sappho, I wanted to read his poems. After discovering he wasn’t available in English, I set about translating all of his available poems.

What genre does your book fall under?

It’s a modern English translation of classical or ancient Greek poetry. So Classics/Poetry would be the library label.

What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

Poetry collections don’t generally make good films, but Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments has a great cast of characters, including exiles, tyrants and lovers, so Sam Rockwell could play Alcaeus, Kirsten Dunst could be Sappho and Ben Cross could be Pittacus.

Who has published your book?

Circaidy Gregory Press, an independent publishing house based in Hastings, England, owned and run by Kay Green.

What other books would you compare Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments to within the genre?

It’s similar in its intention to Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments of Sappho and If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

My initial inspiration was the discovery that Alcaeus was considered to be as good a poet as Sappho, but was not available in English. I felt the injustice of that: far too many good writers vanish into obscurity. I read Alcaeus’ poetry and realised how good a poet he was. I wanted to try and rehabilitate him – make his poems and fragments available to English readers.

What else about the book might pique a reader’s interest?

It’s the only English translation of Alcaeus’ Poems & Fragments. It could be an ideal Christmas present for a classics scholar or historian. A recent review stated: ‘R J Dent’s gem of a book is a real find’, which I though was quite a nice thing to say about it, especially as it’s the only English translation of the poems and fragments.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?

This English translation of Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments from ancient Greek into lively modern English is R J Dent’s attempt to rescue Alcaeus’s ethereal poetry from undeserved obscurity.

R J Dent’s official website is

R J Dent’s author facebook page is:

The following writers are continuing the tour. Do visit their blogs in due course to see their responses to the questions:

Joe Fearn

Nathan Wiseman-Trowse
Amanda Hodgson
John Denny
David Antrobus

Alcaeus, Sappho and the Isle of Lesbos: A Waterstones talk by R J Dent

November 18, 2012

R J Dent and the cover of his translation of Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments

R J Dent, poet, novelist and the translator of the ancient Greek Poems & Fragments of Alcaeus, gave a talk on Alcaeus, Sappho and the Isle of Lesbos at Waterstones Hastings on Thursday 20th September at 6pm.

R J Dent and a print of Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s Sappho and Alcaeus, used for the cover of Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments


R J Dent has translated the ancient Greek poems and fragments of Alcaeus into modern English. Alcaeus: Poems & Fragment (ISBN: 978-1-906451-53-0) is published by Circaidy Gregory Press and is available in paperback or ebook format from R J Dent’s Amazon page:

Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments – translated by R J Dent

Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments, translated into modern English by R J Dent:

For further information contact:




R J Dent at the Books Born in Hastings book fair

November 12, 2012

R J Dent at the Books Born in Hastings book fair, Saturday October 6th 2012

R J Dent was at the Books Born in Hastings book fair on Saturday 6th October 2012.

R J Dent’s book stall at the Books Born in Hastings book fair

The book fair was held in Hastings Town Hall and it opened at 10.30am and closed at 2.30pm.

Several renowned writers and artists attended.

R J Dent made a short film of the event:

R J Dent’s books, including his poetry collections, novels and translations are available from Amazon:

R J Dent at Books Born in Hastings – 10.30am-2.30pm on Saturday 6th October 2012

October 2, 2012

R J Dent will be available to answer questions and sign books at the Books Born in Hastings Book Fair at 10.30am-2.30pm on Saturday 6th October 2012…


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