Poetry Slam at Bookbuster (6pm-8pm) on Thursday 16th April 2015

April 5, 2015

sheer poetry

R J Dent will be attending the Sheer Poetry reading event at Bookbuster bookshop, Queen’s Road, Hastings on Thursday 16th April. The event features readings and poetry perormances by a number of renowned poets.

R J Dent will be reading from a selection of his English translations of major poets, including poems by Baudelaire, Alcaeus, Rollinat, Rimbaud, Ibycus and Sappho:


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R J Dent’s author profile in the Hastings Independent

March 21, 2015

R J Dent in the Hastings Independent

R J Dent’s author profile in the Hastings Independent.





R J Dent at the Bookbuster Poetry Slam – 19/02/15 – 6.30pm-8.30pm

February 23, 2015



Poet, novelist, translator and essayist, R J Dent, took part in the BookBuster Poetry Slam on 19th February 2015.


The event took place at BookBuster book shop, Queen’s Road, Hastings.





R J Dent read a selection of poems from his collection, Moonstone Silhouettes:









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Christopher Smart’s Jubilate Agno – Edited and Introduced by R J Dent

February 23, 2015


‘There is no poem in English poetry that serves as a precursor to Jubilate Agno.‘  (Jeremy Reed) 


After many years, Christopher Smart’s bold, eccentric, powerful and moving epic poem Jubilate Agno is finally available to readers in a brand new, accessible edition.


Jubilate Agno is a vast free-form poem written between 1759 and 1763, during Smart’s confinement for insanity in St. Luke’s Hospital, Bethnal Green, London. The poem was first published in 1939, under the title Rejoice in the Lamb: A Song from Bedlam, edited by W. F. Stead from Smart’s manuscript, which Stead had discovered in a private library.


Jubilate Agno is an important example of eighteenth-century free verse that has been unavailable to readers of poetry for many years. It is an obvious precursor to T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and to Allan Ginsberg’s Howl.


This brand new edition of Christopher Smart’s Jubilate Agno is edited and introduced by R J Dent.


Jubilate Agno is available from Amazon.co.uk:




and from Amazon.com:





Details of R J Dents novels, short stories, poems, essays and translations can be found at www.rjdent.com


Follow R J Dent’s work on:

website: http://www.rjdent.com/

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The Blood Delirium: The Vampire in 19th Century European Literature

February 23, 2015




‘R J Dent’s translations are fresh with an exciting raw sexual edge…’ (Candice Black)


The Blood Delirium is a definitive collection of 19th century European literature in which the vampire or vampirism – both embodied and atmospheric – is featured or evoked. Twenty-three seminal works by classic European authors, covering the whole of that delirious period from Gothic and Romantic, through Symbolism and Decadence to proto-Surrealism and beyond, in a single volume charged with sex, blood and horror.


The Blood Delirium contains a detailed introduction (by editor Candice Black) which not only examines these texts and their meaning, but which also charts the literary and cultural climate in which the new cult of the vampire was allowed to flourish.


The Blood Delirium includes texts by Bram Stoker, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Oscar Wilde, J.M. Rymer, Charles Baudelaire, Le Comte de Lautréamont, Paul Féval, Maurice Rollinat, Guy de Maupassant, Count Stenbock, Jean Lorrain, Théophile Gautier, Charles Nodier, John Polidori, J.K. Huysmans, Charlotte Brontë, Ivan Turgenev, Jan Neruda, Augustus Hare, Cyprien Berard and Léon Bloy.


Several of the texts in The Blood Delirium are translated by R J Dent into English for the very first time, including those by Cyprien Bérard, Paul Féval, and Maurice Rollinat.



The Blood Delirium is the definitive collection for literate vampire-lovers.


The Blood Delirium is available from:




or from:






Gothiques & Fantastiques – horror and fantasy tales by R J Dent

February 22, 2014

Gothiques & Fantastiques – a collection of horror and fantasy stories by R J Dent is now available in e-book format.

G & F - RJD

Gothiques & Fantastiques collects together many of R J Dent’s terrifying short stories, including the much-anthologised ‘The Day Mr. Green Died’, the paranoia-laden, ‘Escape’, and the bleak, nihilistic fantasy tale, ‘Relativity and the Lobster’.




First in a series of story collections by R J Dent, Gothiques & Fantastiques is essential reading for every horror, fantasy and gothic aficionado.


Other books by R J Dent, including his horror/fantasy novel, Myth, and his translation of Lautréamont’s The Songs of Maldoror and Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil, are available from:



Website: http://www.rjdent.com/

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/R.-J.-Dent/e/B0034Q3RD4/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_nty_author_2gf4mb19VD5NN

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._J._Dent

Academia.edu: http://sussex.academia.edu/RussellDent/About


Gothiques & Fantastiques – horror and fantasy tales

by R J Dent










BookBuster Launch Event – Hastings, Saturday 30th November 2013 – 12-7pm

November 17, 2013


Saturday, November 30, 2013 – 12:00pm until 7:00pm

To mark the official opening of BookBuster bookshop in Queen’s Road, Hastings, proprietor Tim Barton is hosting an event-filled launch on Saturday, November 30th, from 12 noon – 7pm.






R J Dent’s novel, Myth, now in ebook format

October 13, 2013



R J Dent’s horror/fantasy novel Myth is now available in e-book format and can be downloaded onto your Kindle for £2.05 (for a limited time).




It’s just a myth…

The Greek island is beautiful and the holiday idyllic… until James Barratt and his girlfriend Penny Ward are told about the chimera, a savage creature that should only exist in Greek mythology, but somehow is still alive in the foothills of the island.

It’s just a myth…

Sceptical, but curious, they set off for the hills, where they come face to face with a monstrous secret and find themselves in a desperate fight for survival against an enemy of inconceivable ferocity – an unholy trinity with multiple hearts of darkness that will not stop until they are both destroyed.

It’s just a myth… but they’ve forgotten that every myth is based on a terrible truth.


‘a cross between An American Werewolf in London and Clive Barker’s Nightbreed…’ (Amazon review)


R J Dent’s Myth is a dark horror/fantasy novel, set on a Greek island. It tells the story of a holidaying couple who hear about the chimera, a strange mythical creature that lives in the hills. They set off with a guide up into the hills to see the chimera for themselves – and the nightmare starts…



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R J Dent at the Books Born in Hastings Book Fair – 10.30am-3pm on Saturday 12th October 2013

September 15, 2013



R J Dent at the Books Born in Hastings Book Fair – from 10.30am-3pm in Hastings Town Hall on Saturday 12th October 2013




R J Dent will be available to answer questions and to discuss and sign books at the Books Born in Hastings Book Fair at 10.30am-3pm on Saturday 12th October 2013…


R J Dent is a poet, novelist, translator, essayist, researcher and creative writing teacher. His latest book is a translation of the ancient Greek poems and fragments of Alcaeus.


He has also translated Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil and Lautreamont’s The Songs of Maldoror into English.





R J Dent is the author of a novel, Myth:



and a novella, Deliverance:



R J Dent has also published Moonstone Silhouettes, a collection of poems:




R J Dent’s official website is:


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Alcaeus in Pompeii

August 3, 2013


Two signed and dated copies of the Poems & Fragments of Alcaeus (Translated by R J Dent) are now available in the bookshop at the historic site of Pompeii in Italy.


R J Dent visited the historic site in July 2013 and signed copies of Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments for customers in the bookshop.



According to staff, only two of the signed copies are still available.



R J Dent visited Pompeii bookshop during part of his Italian tour, which included Sorrento, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius, and Naples.

More information on R J Dent’s bookshop signings, book tours, publications and current projects is available at http://www.rjdent.com


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