R J Dent’s novel, Myth, now in ebook format



R J Dent’s horror/fantasy novel Myth is now available in e-book format and can be downloaded onto your Kindle for £2.05 (for a limited time).




It’s just a myth…

The Greek island is beautiful and the holiday idyllic… until James Barratt and his girlfriend Penny Ward are told about the chimera, a savage creature that should only exist in Greek mythology, but somehow is still alive in the foothills of the island.

It’s just a myth…

Sceptical, but curious, they set off for the hills, where they come face to face with a monstrous secret and find themselves in a desperate fight for survival against an enemy of inconceivable ferocity – an unholy trinity with multiple hearts of darkness that will not stop until they are both destroyed.

It’s just a myth… but they’ve forgotten that every myth is based on a terrible truth.


‘a cross between An American Werewolf in London and Clive Barker’s Nightbreed…’ (Amazon review)


R J Dent’s Myth is a dark horror/fantasy novel, set on a Greek island. It tells the story of a holidaying couple who hear about the chimera, a strange mythical creature that lives in the hills. They set off with a guide up into the hills to see the chimera for themselves – and the nightmare starts…



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